Every day, the Shipping Industry becomes more sophisticated, competition among ship-owners fiercer and regulations that rule the activity, more strict and complex. This worldwide scenario leaves Shipping Companies, Ship Agents, Ship Brokers and so forth exposed to increasingly higher risks / losses. Relying on a 69-year experience in Marine Insurance, Lloyd Paulista has the expertise to seek the best solutions in insurance for your Company and to protect your property and liabilities.



Lloyd Paulista is always updated with changes in the market and can present the best options to meet the personal needs of each of its clients, either to Individual and/or Fleet Insurance.

In addition to basic cover (Collision, Fire and Theft), we offer complementary cover options to better protect you and your Company’s automobile(s).



We are prepared to assist you choosing the most suitable covers to protect your home and holiday house. Our personal service makes all the difference when the issue is the protection of your property.



Before offering your Company an insurance alternative, the Lloyd Paulista team seeks the most suitable alternatives to cover the risks inherent to your activity, providing it with a more thorough protection.

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